Of things hoped for.

Today began with errands and ended with a howling low country thunderstorm-- and had the beach with Lauren and Kelly sandwiched in between. Out under the big sky we squealed in incredulity over dreams coming true, and come true. Kelly keeps saying this summer's on crazy pills. It's true, look it up. Our friends and family are splattered across the US-- a sister in Los Angeles and a brother in New York City, a dear friend in Connecticut and many more dear friends all over the expanse of this great country. We all have used this summer as a launch pad to get our dreams off the ground, but in the meantime it has been a last soak-it-up of childhood, whimsy, and summer sun. With August a hair's breadth away we're all feeling the push of the second hand and the marking of the calendar.

It's a wonder this Charleston summer has been so full of water. Not the salt of the ocean or the chlorine of the neighborhood pool--but in life, not just in leisure. I have never been more keenly aware of our world's universal solvent until these past few months. The drought is over (symbolic?) in South Carolina and it rains nearly every afternoon, like it did when we were kids. If this were the travel channel, it would indeed be dubbed "the rainy season". My parents exclaim over how many inches with our back porch measuring glass. Andrew and I washed each other's feet at our wedding in June. Andrew is going to study water filtration and sanitation at UNC. And Joshua had to step into the Jordan before its waters were staved off upstream. There's plenty more where that came from.

At the end of April, August was so far off my radar that I really had given it no thought. Now in its balmy hands it holds my new home, a job, and hope for the future and things unseen. Those hopes range from putting my house together well to learning to be a good--great--wife. And of course, the unspeakable--becoming a nurse. Let me just say, Chapel Thrill has a lot to live up to--these first 22 years have been quite a ride. The next two are yet unwritten.

For now, for the next week, I will scarcely blink as I drive around my hometown and spend the evenings with my family around the dinner table.

On the edge of nine, I should think most would head towards bed with a book and a cup of tea, but I'm off to Riveroaks on the Wando River to reunite with Jennigray, Lauren, Meghan and Kelly. Only in town for a moment, but long enough for a cupcake. ;)

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