Cloudy with a chance of [Swedish] meatballs. And a side of rice.

Rain, rain go away little MaryGene wants to go to the pool.

Not quiiiite as catchy as the original, but it shall suffice. What the heeeeeck is up with this weather lately?? Huh? I thought it was "April showers bring May flowers" not "April sunshine gives you a tan too early for wedding season and then storms in May leave you pasty as a Martha Stewart white gourd in October." (Also not as catchy as the original, but it, too, shall suffice.) Good golly, Miss Molly. Geez, Louise.

Firstly, my last post on skin care and lotion and all that jazz?? I felt like it was SUPER LAME when I posted it and y'all generated the most comments I've received, EVER! Six whole comments. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. :) Hehe. Now, back to the post at hand.

Last weekend we ventured to Charlotte to meet Mom and Pop Armstrong to pick up Brother Barrett at the airport from his Mediterranean adventures in Greece and Turkey. We also, conveniently, made a stop at Ikea, a haven of Swedish made home goods, and meatballs and egg/shrimp open-faced sandwiches. Weird, Sweden. Weird. How about a couch? No? A meatball, then? Sven, get the meatballs! Their marketing scheme totally worked me over, however, because I left with a throw pillow and three awesomely retro Stacy-Peralta-Zephyr-skateboards-esque juice glasses. (For fiddy-nine cents each!! Heck yes.) I will say, though, that just thinking back on the moola I shelled out for my Pottery Barn throw pillows really irked me when I realized that the pillow from Ikea was going to set me back a whole $12. Seriously. The 20x20 insert at Pottery Barn alone will get you almost three entire pillows at Ikea. My advice?? Buy the 20x20 feather inserts at Ikea (around $6) and then buy your covers at Pottery Barn (if you've found some you love love love and just can't live without them). I AM SO SMART. My IQ must be, like, way up there. ;)

So, like any good blogger would, I read Pioneer Woman's blog almost every day, and last week she posted briefly about a website called freerice.com. And now I am addicted. You know my "I heart words" column (see upper left corner)? Yeah, well if you visit freerice, you'll know why I can't seem to x out until my bowl has at least 100 grains of rice in it. At least. Just try it. You will freak. out. I just went to the site to set up the hyperlink...and I played until I got 1100 grains of rice. YEAH.

This weekend is Kent and Jamie's wedding--Andrew and I are SO excited and can't wait to celebrate and see people we haven't seen in eons. And, of course, to visit our Alma Mater, the place we met and fell in love. Quite fitting to take part in a wedding and visit our old stomping grounds right before our anniversary. It's gonna be a bang up time.

Ta-ta for now!


  1. Hope you get tan and look like a pumpkin soon instead of a pasty white gourd. :)

  2. Was wondering about Barrett and glad he's home safe and sound.
    Save your beautiful skin..... I prefer creamy... :-)