Holy Ghost fiiiiyaaaah shut up in my bones

It's Tuesday and we're back from a drizzly, frigid--yet altogether joyful--weekend in the Appalachian mountains. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bauman are blissfully honeymooning in Mexico after an action-packed, albeit damp and freezing, wedding weekend. Friday we scampered to the Blue Ridge mountains, procuring an embarrassing shuttle bus along the way, to a self-proclaimed "mini-resort" called the Sassy Goose where the wedding party and its accompanying dates, wives, children, etc. was being put up for the weekend. What followed was--from my perspective--a frenzy of golf, dinner for 47 at a Mexican restaurant, hiking Triple Falls in the rain, rehearsing, rehearsal lunching, crying, crying some more, jambalaya cookout for everyone and their neighbor, and then the crowning achievement, the wedding. With a cherry on top. And now, we are le tired. But it was a glorious, and successful weekend.

The day of the wedding, Sunday, dawned clear, crisp, and cold. Everyone made their way to Pretty Place Chapel at Camp Greenville, arms burdened heavily with blankets, to witness the miracle of new birth. Miracle? Yes. As Dr. Coffield (the officiant) simply explained, weddings are in fact, miracles. Two families enter the sanctuary and three families leave. He spoke of redemption in Andrew and Christy's lives and the power of the covenant of marriage: I will do my part even if you do not do yours. And isn't that what God says to us every day of our short lives? He says, MaryGene, I will do my part even if you don't do yours. I will speak to you, even if you don't speak to me. I will love you, if you don't love me. I will send my Son in your place, even if you don't ask for it. I will, I will, I will--even if you won't. Gosh, I love Him.

Last night Andrew and I ventured to our new favorite frozen yogurt place in Durham called "Local Yogurt". A place lovingly referred to as "Yocal Yogurt" because I can never say it right, it has just about any topping you could possibly desire on plain, chocolate or, a seasonal favorite, pumpkin yogurt. Last night I had chocolate with Snickers chunks. Mmmm mm. So yummy. And just a tad more guilt-free than ice-cream. Tonight, though, I made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, recipe courtesy of a one Summer Stipe, but I actually did not have pumpkin, so I used sweet potato. So, technically they're Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies. But they have the same kind of feel, so it works.

This weekend is Andrew's fall break and we are so looking forward to a weekend at home. We might go to the UNC/Florida State game on Thursday, although I don't know who to "go" for. I will probably pull for Clemson. :) We've talked about going to the fair, although I don't think I have enough hand sanitizer in stock for that kind of germ-fest. That, and I grew out my mullet 20 years ago. I think pumpkin carving is in the mix of options as well, so that could be pretty spectacular.

Spectacular, spectacular!

Ok, I'm going to hang out with my husband. If I can tear him away from that blankety-blank lab report.

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  1. LOVED this one MG. Sounds like a great sermon--isn't he ALWAYS doing his part and we're NEVER doing ours??

    And please, go to the fair for me. Thomas thinks they are "gross" but I grew up SHOWING SHEEP at the things every weekend. So please, go, and look for a little blonde girl with french braid pigtails and tell her good luck for me.