Tonight I made Italian pork chops, via Jennigray Hewitt, via Giada de Laurentis. And I burned the first one, undercooked the second one, and the third and fourth ones ended up on our plates. Bottom line, no more pork chops.

Last night we made homemade vanilla frozen yogurt to go with our stewed apples (thanks, Beckie!) for a little fall treat. It was almost too much--really yummy with the hot apples and cold, creamy froyo, but almost too much. I'm not a crazy apple pie fan and we were kind of channeling apple pie. Something about all the sweet sticky goo. Hm.

I'm supposed to get a Gallup Survey from Duke in the next few days. Anxiety = 10. Giddy-yap.

Going to women's prayer tomorrow morning. Excitement = 10.

I went to Snappy Lube today to get my oil changed. Of course, they tried to swindle me, telling me that every fluid needed to be changed, my tires should have been rotated, I really needed a pine tree air freshener, and my car would explode in 24 hours if I did not give them a large bundle of cash and my first born to become a master mechanic and climb the corporate ladder to become Snappy Lube Executive President. I said no thank you; I will take my chances.

I made a list on Google documents of all the things I love about Christmas--I'm brainstorming about decorating ideas. So far, I think my favorite items are: white lights, bells, mistletoe, nativity scenes, cider, plaid, music. I'm debating whether or not I'm going to make a pledge to not listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving-- but it's a toughy. The way I see it, Thanksgiving is basically the kick-off party to Christmas. I mean, why can't we be thankful for Christmas?? All that business about the Native Americans and Pilgrims trading corn is a bunch of hogwash. I'm pretty sure the Pilgrims wrote the history books. (Just check the title page: Obediah Heidelberg). Biased? I think so.

I hate folding laundry. And there's a big pile of it.

When our lease is up in February, Andrew and I are hoping to move A) closer to Chapel Hill, if not in Chapel Hill, B) to a house C) with a yard with a fence, D) with wood floors, E) within our budget.

I'm wearing a purple tank top from Urban Outfitters, a grey sweater from Target, Banana Republic jeans (from hiiiiigh schooool), and my fuzzy LL Bean slippers. And pearl earrings from my mutha-in-lowah.

My pumpkin (the striped one) is totally imploding. I wish you could see it. I might just post a picture. Andrew's is fine, of course.

I'm going to bed now. Buenas noches, amigos. Dios le bendiga.

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