My apologies for all of the nut jokes in this post

I wonder what Martha Stewart's middle name is. Maybe Nancy. Martha Nancy Stewart. Beatrice? Martha Beatrice Stewart. Yolanda? Martha Yolanda Stewart. Definitely Yolanda. I wonder why she didn't go by Martha-Yo (bahaha).

So, in Martha-Yo's November issue of M.[Y.]S. Living there were a few crafty craft ideas involving wreaths. Being as I'm still unemployed I thought, "I'd be nuts not to make this wreath!". And I think you would be, too. It's super simple and returns a very sweet, unexpected, home-made decoration that will quite easily float you from Thanksgiving to Christmas without having to lift a finely manicured finger. Here's how!

Assemble your supplies. You'll need a wreath form*, mixed nuts--from your local Nut-House (or Harris Teeter), a long ribbon (in the magazine Martha-Yo uses about a three inch sable brown satin ribbon, but I used a two inch cream grosgrain ribbon because I already had it), a hot glue gun, and spray matte lacquer. Make sure you put something down on whatever surface you're working on--you will have drips. *Note: Remember that your wreath will be quite weighty with all of the nuts on it, so don't be too ambitious with the diameter of the wreath form. I thought, "Aw, nuts, mine might be too small!", but it turned out to be just right.

Begin hot gluing the nuts to the wreath form. Use the larger nuts first, like pecans, walnuts, Brazil nuts, and use the smaller nuts (almonds and hazelnuts) to "fill in". Glue them every-which-way to get a really full look, making sure the wreath form can't been seen through the nuts. You can even use acorns if you've got oak trees in your area. Fo' Free!

Optional--you can spray a matte lacquer finish on to make sure that the nuts don't go bad--I'm not really sure if they would or if they do, but just to be on the safe side. Tie on your ribbon, and voila! A nut wreath. You can tie the ribbon in a sailor knot, a bow on the bottom, the top, or the side, or even just use the ribbon as the hanger for the wreath from the top. Here's the finished product: I'm just nutty for this nut wreath!


  1. Looks amazing!! Go Mary Martha Gene!! You did a great job :) Im totally making one

  2. Love it...wish I could have fall decor in Moz!

  3. good gosh mergene i would never be able to do that!

  4. Gene!!! I LOVE the wreath!! (and since I am only partly employeed, I'm gonna have to give it a try in my plethora of free time!) (:

  5. mary GET OUT OF TOWN!!!!! you are great since i am employed i had to by mine..dollar store.