Holy mackerel

Well, the new year has slipped into our lives as seamlessly and wordlessly as a lowcountry high tide, and things are slowly, but surely, getting back to normal. Andrew went off to school today as classes start again this week. One semester of grad school down, 3-ish to go. We've put the apartment to rights, the last load of laundry whirring, chugging, rumbling in my ears as we speak.

Last night we went to see the famed Avatar in 3D at the mammoth Southpoint Cinemas--would you believe that we tried to see this movie on Saturday afternoon and it was sold out, and tried again to see it Sunday afternoon and had to go to a later showing because the matinee was sold out again?? And then we had to get there over an hour early in order to get good seats! Yes, Andrew, Graham, Joanna and I actually stood in line for about an hour before the movie to avoid sitting in the orchestra pit and staring straight up for three hours. It was good, it was worth it, but my goodness! You would think it would be easy peasy to get tickets weeks after opening day, but apparently not. Statistically speaking, Avatar is already the second highest grossing movie of all time, behind Titanic. Joanna said that, so joke's on her if it's incorrect. 100% of people who eat broccoli die. Chew on that.

My New Year's resolution is coming along swimmingly, and my secret to success (maybe I should can this and sell it...) is to choose something attainable for New Year's resolutions but to make New Year's goals or aspirations for things that are slightly more difficult or altogether unrealistic. For example, realistic/attainable: take a multi-vitamin every day (Mother, you will be elated to know that that is, in fact, my resolution). Unrealistic/more difficult to attain: run a marathon, hike the Appalachian trail, visit the moon. Let's be serious, attainable means different things to different people. Andrew resolving to run a marathon is not so unrealistic. Me resolving to run a marathon is downright funny. So, I've resolved to take vitamins. Not in place of good nutrition, but in addition to good nutrition. They are called supplements for a reason, people. Taking a pill and eating potato chips all day won't make those buttery crisps sprout vitamin-rich leaves. But anyway, studies have shown that when people set smaller goals that they are subsequently able to meet, it bolsters their self-esteem and is generally healthier than making grandiose goals and setting the bar light years away only to fail and then feel depressed about it. Which studies, you ask? Well, I just did one a few minutes ago and those are my conclusions. Harrumph.

It's January 11th. One third of the way through this month of doldrums. It's going pretty fast, which is fine by me. Andrew's birthday is at the end of the month and I'm pretty sure there will be a chicken pot pie and a German chocolate cake involved, the latter of which I have never attempted. But being the New Year and all, a time for new experiences and ventures, I'm game.

Speaking of games. Andrew and I have been playing Settlers of Catan with Graham and Joanna lately and consequently, we are not speaking to each other. Bwahahaha--just kidding, but let me tell you, if we experience marital troubles in the future, I will bet that we can trace its roots back to this blasted game. The premise of the game is an "old world" mentality of building communities or settlements with your available resources and there are all kinds of rules and points and strategies, etc. and you can cut each other off at the pass and steal resources and amass an army and all sorts of things. It's a long, long game. Longer than that run-on sentence. And it provides lots of opportunities for altercations between husband and wife. Don't worry, at worst we might need counseling or a Bahamavention--at best, we'll just solve our problems the old fashioned way: Indian leg wrestling. I kid, I kid.

Welp, just heard the buzzer on the dryer. Off to fulfill my wifely duties. Oy, vey!


  1. The Hersheys Ch Cake recipe on its box, and its icing, is fantastic. Scary though for when you pour it into an oil sprayed bundt cake pan (only way to go) it looks like thickened water. If you use a cream cheese icing it is "to die for" (I hate that cliché). To assure the cake will come out of the pan, you butter the pan, and using a sieve, sprinkle with flour. (Once floured, you'll spot places you didn't butter/flour, etc.) I use the butter/flour method, and after the cake cools a few minutes, I put the cake plate on top, invert, and shake 'til it drops. If some stays in the bundt pan, dig the parts out and put them in their rightful place - you hide the repair with icing. Alternatively, after the cake is completely cold, you can just dust powered sugar on the top. heat will melt the sugar if the cake isn't cool. Easy, easy, easy - and so good.

    More stuff here to keep you from the marathon: www.hersheys.com/recipes/

    Love you, Anonymous #2

    Love you

  2. i'm so happy you play settlers! we love it so much. we'll play next time. sometimes, actually almost always, i cuss at derek and then have to apologize, but its way fun. we have moved on to the even dorkier cities and knights which is an extension of the regular settlers.

  3. I played Settlers of Catan and did not know what was going on and I ended up winning!

  4. ahhh!!! I LOVE settlers of catan! (okay, I've only played once...but it was fun stuff!!)

  5. My dear friend...I think it's hilarious that you are playing Settlers because that is one of our main forms of entertainment here on the base. It certainly does cause altercations...but ones that in the end you are laughing about! Have fun, take those vitamins, and Happy New Year!

  6. Hoooray for you MG! A vitamin a day keeps the doctor away, or something like that :-) Break it in half - take 1/2 in am and 1/2 in evening - gives you best bang for the effort. XXOXXOXOXOXOXO

  7. I'm guessing that 'Anonymous' is 'Mom'.