Water for Haiti

Haiti: the word on every news anchor's lips. Our first reaction is to keep our eyes trained on the TV and shake our heads in awe. It seems to be a hopeless situation. As we speak, however, God's hands and feet are deploying to this island nation to bring aid, medical care, food, and clean water. Just because we sit in the comfort of our homes here in America in no way means that we are helpless to help! One way to majorly impact emergency operations is to help provide clean water--clean water for drinking, washing, cooking, and medical usage. Clean and safe water will be imperative for survival in these first days and weeks and months of rescue. As Andrew's passion and area of study is clean water in developing nations, I can't help but highlight Water Missions International, a non-profit based in Charleston, SC that has already deployed a team of rescue workers and multiple water treatment systems to battered and bleeding Haiti. Every little bit helps--after the tsunami in Sri Lanka, Americans gave over 2 billion dollars with the average donation being around $56. That's totally do-able! So, instead of a trip to Starbucks or the nail salon, please donate to WMI and help our neighbors to the South in their hour of greatest need.


  1. Water Missions is who we worked with in Kenya to rebuild that water tank!!

  2. Done! On news tonight, "Hardball" Chris Matthews went on about how US has lots of problems, but when it comes to compassion for those in need, Americans and their gov't are there - to give food, water, medical help, to donate money and to be the "muscle" behind the clean up and re-building. Thanks for reminding us about WMI. XXOXOXOXOX