A few days in Charleston: Episode Three--A "Hair"-brained scheme

Oh, hey Bieber, what's up? Oh, you want a haircut?? OKAY!

Step right up!

Hey, quit stealing all my hair rubber bands.

This one I fondly dubbed, "Friar Tuck/Overjoyed Sumo Wrestler".

And this one is "Rod Stewart".

This one is "I just got out of prison and I ain't never seen a cell phone."

If I hadn't grabbed it from him at just the right time he would have shaved off his eyebrows.

Nearly there!

He's BAAA-ACK!!!

Ah. Thank ya, JESUS. Y'all's prayers must've worked. ;)


  1. haha derek and i are obsessed. my personal favorite is rod stewart. derek loves the prison pic.

    but what a cute face, seriously! he can't hide it with hair anymore. love you both.

  2. Oh my.... oh my....oh my......
    I like it!

  3. What women think on their wedding day: Aisle, alter, hymn.

  4. Baaahahahaha!!! Hysterical.

    I am SO sad I missed y'all while you were here, but alas I hope to talk soon Gene or see y'all soon @ a game!