Five second rule, and for some reason, this thing won't let me skip lines. ???

So, I know it hasn't been that long, but I got the blogging itch, so here I am again. The happenings of late are not much to write home--or anywhere--about, but I just think a quick recap will do us all some good.

Wednesday night was date night -->.
Andrew and I went to PF Chang's. We got lettuce wraps--delectable--, crispy green beans--que rica!--and orange chicken with brown rice--delicious. It was so great to be on a date with my husband. (Still weird saying that, FYI). But, we discussed the fact, nay, the delightful discovery, that our dates have taken on a different quality since we've gotten married. We have permission to dream aloud, so to speak. There is comfort in the commitment.
According to my workout log, I've walked 12.5 miles this week, Monday-Saturday. Every morning after coffee, Smartstart cereal, and a little Bible action, I trek down to the "gym" at the clubhouse. And then I trek back home to clean up, shower, and figure out what to do for the day. In light of my disengagement with, well, everything, I've taken quite a few trips to Barnes & Noble this week. Two to browse, one to pick up a world map, and another one to take back the US map that I thought was a world map. Today was the map-take-back day, and boy, was it slammed! I guess I underestimated the population of the area and the draw of the Streets at Southpoint, but there were so many people there today. It was all I could do to slide that map across the counter and get the heck out of dodge.
On Thursday evening, Andrew and I had the immense pleasure of hosting my middle/high school gal pal, Abby, for dinner. What a treat to see a familiar face, even one from many moons ago. Abby and I were BFF in middle school, and close friends in high school where we worked on the BEST student newspaper in the whole of America, The Tribal Tribune. Abby was high up in the ranks, I was a page designer and column writer. And by that, I mean Kelly and I screwed around the whole time. I mostly tried to be Martha Stewart and push recipes or pumpkin carving patterns, but apparently, the paper was trying to emit a more serious vibe.
Tonight we will probably watch The Count of Monte Cristo, courtesy of the Red, White and Blue--just kidding, no more Toby Keith references, I promise--courtesy of Netflix (hooray!), originally a novel by Alexandre Dumas about undying love, nasty betrayal, and calculated revenge. Edmond Dantes is played by the same dude who played Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson's The Passion : Jim Caviezel. Makes total sense. They both get betrayed by a friend and give their lives for love. Yeah, yeah, I'm stretching it. Anyhoo, I'm excited. The novel is fantastic, too--if you haven't read it, you should.
If the movie thing is a bust, maybe we'll just pull the plug on a bottle of vino and figure out how the vacuum cleaner works. I know what my vote is. ;)

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  1. I love these write ups about your life...they each make me smile because I know despite the annoyances you are loving every minute of time you have with Andrew. Hope you had a blast with Monte Cristo I loved the moved...but haven't read the book. Maybe (if someone would be willing to mail it) I'll read it during my down time here...hope all is well!