I got lots of pictures in my head--you better not turn off the projector! [hoo!]

Our moving van stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey!

Dun dun dun...

Empty. Just us.

The grand hall of the front entrance.

Living room complete with couch monkey. ;)
The other side of the living room.

And over to the kitchen/dining area.
Our dining room. The kitchen table is an old library table. It actually had gum underneath it that I had to scrape off when my dad and I were refinishing it. In 50 years, kids in the library are still the same.
The kitchen. Chocolate chip pound cake cooling on the stove. Like I said--had to break in the mixer.
The other side of the kitchen. Mixer resting after a hard day's work.
Delectable beef stew--not exactly a summer dish (we did have to let it cool from it's boiling lava hot to just really hot before we ate it). But we also had to break in the crock pot. So there you go.
Tea time!! If you look closely, you can see Jennigray, Jamie, Danielle and Stephanie.
The bathroom. No cabinet space, hence the baker's rack.
Bookshelf in our room, as well as our iron gym. I may have failed P90X but I can do five pull ups. Beat that, Tony Horton. Wait. He probably can.
Closet. So full. I don't want to talk about it.
The "office".
New bed! No crack! Hooray!

And last but not least, our back porch.

I can't claim that I have any sort of faint idea or CLUE when it comes to putting pictures and captions on this thing. I don't know if it's my awesome Clemson recommended five year old computer, or if it's me. Either way, it's pretty elementary. My apologies. Also, I forgot to add a picture of our epic washroom/storeroom/pantry. We have little to no cabinet space so we had to purchase a ginormo baker's rack to accommodate our food and laundry accoutrements, as well as store all of our storage bins (ain't that a biscuit).

Welp, there's that.

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  1. MaryGene - you are fantastic! Thanks for letting us into your new life with your thoughts and dreams and new apartment. Your description of the last few months is a bit painful, but then, I guess it was for most everyone, except for your Dad! We miss you both, but know you are where you should be.