Before she left Killarney, did your mother kiss the Blarney?

If you don't know that song, you should. An oldie, but a goodie! Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all my fellow Iri'men (and women)! 'Anybody seen the leprechaun say, "YEAAAHHH!"'

Andrew and I went to see John Mayer: Battle Studies on Monnnnday!!! It was amazing. It was thrilling. It was like we were in 8th grade again. Seriously. The average age was probably 15. I mean, no worries, we weren't the only adults there--lots of people were suckin' down their ginormous Bud Lights and gettin' in the mood for a lil' 'lectric guitar, but still. There was definitely shrieking and jumping up and down and sign waving from the middle school sector. But the guy can shred, I'll give him that.

And for your listening pleasure:

Yehhh, I have a gh-etto camera, so that's all you're gonna get. But it was awesome. It really was.

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    I think you'll recognize the above song and famous singer...