Full swing in Spring: a vernal check up.

As the saying goes, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb...I'm hoping we're in the lamb days, for good! Here's a little list of springtime made manifest in our household. I'm sure you all want to know. ;)

1. As previously posted, our Easter tree is still displayed in all it's pastel splendor on the kitchen counter. I'm seriously trying to avoid Easter candy, however, namely JellyBelly jelly beans, Reese's peanut-butter eggs, and Cadbury eggs of all kinds. But I won't be mad if I receive any or all in an Easter basket. If I'm not too old for that sort of thing. Which, I'm not. Because I just decided I'm not. So....there.

2. The heat and/or air-conditioning is OFF and has been for at least a week now: hooray for a low bill! Windows are frequently down during the day to freshen the air and get rid of the stuffiness of winter!

3. Our bedding has been changed and laundered; the extra blanket is back in the closet where it belongs.

4. My New Year's resolution is still rockin' on: vitamins swallowed daily!

5. All of my hanging clothes have been rifled through and clothes too small/too big/out of style/haven't been worn in a year(s)/bought in 8th grade have been gifted elsewhere.

6. Herbs are all present and accounted for, and thriving. Basil is a bit tricky with the weather still a little on the cool side at night. It needs lots of water because of the terra cotta pot (very breathable). I usually set it outside in full sun during the hottest part of the day and then bring it back inside at night. I try to talk sweetly to all of them, too, so they grow to be kind, smart, well-rounded plants. I haven't played any classical music for them, though (yet). If you find me someday in my yard reading the newspaper to the bushes with Beethoven blaring in the background, please have a Come-to-Jesus with me. Again, I will thank you, kindly. Anyhoo...Who knew a few stalks could be so high maintenance?

7. I've been using Jergens gradual tanning lotion on an every other day basis on account of my serious pastiness and the upcoming Bridge Run where I will bare my bare legs for all the world to see. I'm trying not to get to the orange-y, certain-areas-are-still-pale-and-obviously-fake-stage. I'm also trying to actually achieve a non-pasty hue by this weekend, so it's kind of an uphill battle to stay somewhere between pasty and orange...which would be somewhere around creamsickle. I'm trying to be a creamsickle.

8. The back porch (like we have a front one) is cleaned, re-staged, and readied for warm evenings of grilling out and feasting al fresco!

9. I have drooled over all of the beautiful Spring clothing lines being revealed in stores and online, like Target's Liberty of London...but when your shopping budget is approximately zero dollars and zero cents, drooling is about as far as you can go.

10. My toenails are a cheerful shade of OPI Cajun Shrimp, (a staple, kids), and I've worn sandals every day for almost a week. Just try to wrap your mind around that. Glory.

Baa-aa-aa. (That was supposed to be a lamb. In reference to "going out like a lamb". Use your imagination.)

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