An egg bearing tree for me!

I haven't dyed Easter eggs since...elementary school?? We used to always have an Easter tree, dingle-dangling with beautiful colored eggs, varying in color, shade, and sometimes crazily dipped and drawn on with wax crayons--you know, quintessential 7 year old artwork. Delightful. Well, this year, I decided it was high time I dyed some eggs again. I still had some branches from my fall foliage days so I just arranged them in a pitcher on the counter and hung my eggs on them. That was the easy part. Getting the egg out of the shell without breaking it to smithereens? A tad harder. Anyway, 14 eggs and near-respiratory arrest later, I had an Easter tree. Voila!
A little bit of warm water, a splash of vinegar, a few drops of food coloring: Hello, Springtime!

Pastels really aren't my fav to wear, necessarily, but pastel eggs? Pretty!

Hot glued some twine on each egg--super easy.

Easter loveliness!

(I used leftover nuts from the nut wreath for vase filler at the bottom. Scoooore.)
It's finally warming up here--so exciting! The bridge run is in about a week, and Easter is the week after! Holy cow--see ya later, March!


  1. Aw MaryGene - your photos and directions are as good (or better) than Martha's!!!!!! I love your Easter egg tree!! I would never have guessed that our family traditions would appear on the I-net. And, your apartment looks like a lovely retreat from the hectic pace of daily life. Congratulations on a rare gift!
    Love and hugs, Mama

  2. MaryGene, What a wonderful gift you have ..... carrying on a very special family tradition, having so much fun with it! A beautiful addition to your apartment.... a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of the work-a-day world. As good (or better) than Martha! (but don't tell her).... I'm so proud of you! Love and hugs, Mama

  3. Girl!! Loving the tree!!! Totally stealing it...sorry 'bout it :) Don't worry I don't think anyone will notice my thievery out here in the sticks. Love and miss you tons!

  4. We always had an easter tree as well...since there are only brown eggs in Moz I guess I can't dye eggs here but that sure would be fun! Loving your pictures instead though! Thanks for sharing!