Bob Marley's got nothin' on this girl

ttthree little birds ring ~ $65
freshwater pearls, 14k gold filled wire

I would like to take a moment to shed a little light on my dear friend--and tres talented artist-- Lauren Holmes. From her photography to her paintings, her jewelry to her pottery--this young woman's creations are unique, timeless, and juuuust right. Today, obviously, I want to show you her jewelry. Lauren started making jewelry in her teenage years, and like fine wine, has gotten even better with age. I own 2 pairs of her earrings, 3 rings, and 3 bracelets--and I've borowed about ten times that amount (one of the featured items is actually the necklace I'm wearing in my profile picture! Lovely, huh?). I definitely want more, especially after perusing her Etsy shop, Two Blue Stripes, which currently showcases 60 stunning, handmade pieces. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure (photographs are also Lauren's work):

handcrafted sweetgrass bangle from historic Charleston, SC ~ $68
faceted agate, coin freshwater pearl, sweetgrass, swarovski crystal, gold filled wire

rabbit hole necklace ~ $78
31" silver chain, coin freshwater pearl, swarovski crystal, ceramic rabbit

color wheel ring ~ $55
dyed freshwater pearls, 14k gold filled wire

horse busts earrings ~ $35
carved antique bone, swarovski crystal, gold filled bead, loop and findings
*hangs two and a half inches from the ear

coin pearl cluster necklace ~ $78

champagne coin pearls, swarovski crystal, aquamarine, sterling silver fish clasp, blue chalcedony

camel earrings ~ $30

carved jade, sterling silver loop, purple swarovski crystal, gold plated brass

turquoise strand necklace ~ $65

turquoise, swarovski crystal, silver plated beads, sterling silver clasp

If you're not reaching for your wallet or holding your hubby's face up to the computer mouthing the words "birthday", "anniversary", or "just cuz"...then I fear this is where our friendship ends. Just kidding. But if you're not convinced already, head over to Two Blue Stripes and see for yourself. The featured items are there with a few other shots of them at different angles, along with about 50 more amazing baubles. Trust me, you'll want to own a Lauren Holmes creation from "way back when". Oh, and if you're engaged, pregnant, have a newborn, need a family portrait, or just like to click links, check out her photography at http://www.laurenmathenyholmes.com/ --she just finished a few other projects, too, so check back to see some of her recent work.

And on top all of that, she's a really great friend. Love you, La! xx


  1. Can't agree more! I have always been so impressed with Lauren and her creativeness! She is really, REALLY talented! -Nicole Berry

  2. she is amazing. i really want that nest ring!!

  3. g e n e!
    y o u are the one that is so amazing - so encouraging -so talented - so loving - so stunning - & so so xoxo-ing!

    i am so honored to be called one of your close friends.

    i just love ya!

    proverbs 27:17