A few recent revelations:

1. I always get the grocery cart with the squeaky/epileptic wheel. Always.

2. When I am shopping by myself, (which, these days, is more often than not), I verbally process my loves/likes/dislikes/horror-at-the-price-tag-sticker-shock. Out loud. Meaninggggg I talk to myself. While I'm shopping. In public.

3. I have watched more CNN in the last eight months than a regular person should. I think a healthy balance of in-the-know and out-of-the-loop is the norm. Right now I am in the know. I am so. in. theknow.

4. I love snow day number one. Snow days following? Notsomuch. I thought I would love living in NC with all four seasons present and accounted for, and I do--but I also love 70 degrees from October to April and 9o degrees otherwise. Makes for a much simpler wardrobe.

5. Please watch this.

That is all.


  1. thank you that just made my day. "im bored. me too. aren't you?"-jg