Just say no. To snow.

I gotta be real for just a second. The snow was awesome the first day. Still very pretty the second day, even though it cancelled our church meeting. But today, it's annoying. And helloooo road worker people--you can't just scrape the interstates and not the roads that lead to the interstates. That's just all around bad form. Good thing Stella is a beast and we made it to and from the grocery store without incident today. Granted, I was going approximately seven and a half miles an hour, much to the chagrin of the fancy pants Lexus behind me. Hold your horses, lady. I didn't back my seat up four inches to prevent major facial damage from my airbag in the event of a slip n' slide just to have you ride my tail like you've got somewhere to be. Chiiill, Winston. (Name that movie!) Anyway, before the driving in slush adventure, I had to make like a Yankee and scrape the glacier off my car. With one, little, half broken ice scraper. I had to get it off the front windshield (obviously to see where I'm going) and the back windshield to see where I've been. JK--heh-heh, no-- I had to back out of my precariously tight parking space between two gas guzzlin' SUVs. [Gulp]. One little fish-tail to either side and the owner of the white Tahoe or the red Expedition was going to have a nice new dent. Whoops. Not my fault? Annnnyway, I wish I had taken a picture of the continental shelf that was melting ever-so-slightly atop my vehicle. It would have lent to a more humorous mental picture of MaryGene's Snow Demolition Project 2010. Basically, the snow on the top was a little melted and stuck together so I could chisel out large pieces, (much like the breaking off of our glaciers and polar ice caps), and push them off of the edge of the car, but the snow underneath was still powdery so I had to methodically scrape the second layer of powder off without getting it all over myself. Which did not work. Passersby probably thought I was playing in the snow instead of trying to get into my car. Fail. All in all it took about 30 minutes which was way too long in my book. But Rome wasn't built in a day (or was it?) and you can't snap your fingers after a snow day and summon Spring at a moment's notice.

Too bad you can't. I'm ready for fresh flowers on the table, sandals and toe nail polish, and having a low/no heating/air conditioning bill. I always do this, though: get a hankering for the next season when we're still in the middle of the current season. In an effort to speed things up, I painted my nails ElePhantastic Pink yesterday (thanks, Lauren!). I don't think it's working. Shucks. Sorry, Mother Nature. Didn't mean to rush you.

Tonight, we're having Pioneer Woman's Cajun Chicken Pasta. Go ahead. Be jealous. Or come to dinner. Either one.

Love ya! ;)

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