Slubbin' it

Photo courtesy JCrew.com
Soooo, I'm kind of obsessed with this Faded Chambray button down from J.Crew. In fact, Merry Christmas to me, I bought it yesterday with a gift card from Santa, a.k.a Mama (sorry if I've just spoiled that for some of you). The golden rule behind this laid-back Spring/Summer staple is fit. Say it with me, folks: FIT! It's nicely tailored in all the right places so that even though it is a slouchy, slubby, comfortable shirt, it still gives you a feminine silhouette. I swore up and down that I would save my gift card for Spring, but this shirt is in J.Crew's first Spring line, so, technically....yeah. I splurged. But it's gonna be so cute with white pants, gold flip flops and a chunky necklace! Or a bright, patterned miniskirt! Or over a canary yellow bikini in the summer! Yay for Spring! I just can't wait. Don't worry, I will not be rocking a Canadian tuxedo or joining a reunited 80s hair band. I'll have none of that, please-and-thank-you.

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  1. Very cute! Post some pictures later of you rockin' it! :)