After official review, the call on the field stands

I know I just posted, like, 10 seconds ago, but I just can't help it. I've got to tell you this.

Andrew and I went to see Disney's A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey last night at the IMAX 3D and it was so. amazing. jaw-dropping. out of this world. scary. Yeah, you weren't expecting that last adjective, were you? Well, folks, it's true. Andrew and I really loved the movie, but I would think twice before bringing any little ones to see it. The commercials are all holly and jolly, but if you remember, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by a dead guy, a freaky flame, a ginormous Dionysus-type person, and--the kicker--the Grim Reaper. Not really the movie you want your kiddo to see right before bed time. Especially when it's in 3D and skeleton hands are coming at you. Nope. Not the flick I'd show my kids. But, for the occasionally-Disney-entertained movie-goer, it's a great pick. And Jim Carrey is delightful--he plays Scrooge and all three spirits, so it's fun to see how he becomes each personality. And don't be a Scrooge--it's worth the extra cost to see it in 3D. ;)

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  1. I have heard that from a few people-thanks for the warning. I have lots of little eyes.