'Snow joke

With a zillion things to do today, I didn't realize that an amazing thing could happen. A veritable miracle. A miracle I tell you!! S.N.O.W. snow!! Here's my two photos. I couldn't get good ones because I was so excited I was shaking and forgot how to work my camera (not that I knew how to anyway, which probably compounded the problem), but here they are: this first one I like to call " Snow on the rocks". Those large-ish glinty white blobs are, in fact, snow flakes. It was actually snowing quite hard at this point, but the camera only picked up those two or three big flakes. It's a horrific photograph, but you get the picture. ;)

This next one I like to call "'Snow joke, it's snow!" and it is a result of standing on the porch in the cross-wind (a term I recently made up) and getting snow in your face and sticking to your purple sweater. Those white things? You guessed it: tiny, perfect, unique snowflakes. I wonder if there's Whos in there somewhere trying to elect a Cheermeister.

Now I realize that for some of you reading this, this is a silly, silly post. Some of you may spend half the winter stuck in snow drifts, or shoveling the driveway, or waiting for the roads to be cleared. But I, definitely, do not. I come from a place where school was canceled if there was so much as a flurry. So, naturally, my reaction to this wintry miracle was, well, elation! Joy! Delight!

Yes. This is not snow. But this is just as much of a miracle. This, this is chicken pot pie. Pioneer Woman's chicken pot pie. With amazing buttery, flaky crust. This recipe is out of the glorious The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook that my dear friend Jennigray gave me for my birthday. I had some trepidation when I set out to make this crust, but boy, oh boy, did persistence pay off!! My dear, sweet husband said this is the best chicken pot pie I've ever had. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! And I'll admit. It was good. Really good. The cookbook is also a great gift for someone interested in cooking--the recipes are very straightforward and simple--anyone can do it, promise!! Barnes & Noble, Amazon--check, ch-check, check, check, ch-check it out.

Also, Andrew and I were "apartment hunting" last night and we saw a John Deere tractor in someone's front yard decorated with lights, wreaths, garland, bows, etc. Yes. Yes, I saw that.

And, we're also not moving. We re-signed our lease to stay in this glorious apartment for another nine months. It's going to work out better financially and legistically, so we're totally good with it. Annnnd it means we don't have to pack up--yet! Woohoo!

So, now I'm going to make some hot chocolate, pop in Love Actually and wrap some Christmas presents. And fold laundry. But the laundry is cancelled out by the hot chocolate and Love Actually so it's all good.

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  1. Snow is exciting! Even if it is only a few flakes! Pot pie looks yummy!
    Merry Christmas!