Simply having a wonderful Christmastime!

At the moment, I'm watching Bear Grylls beast the Alaskan tundra. Five minutes ago he was marooned on an island in Indonesia eating sea cucumbers and termites. What has this man not survived?? The show says right before each episode that he will be "assisted" if he is in "life-threatening circumstances" and that some situations are "presented" to him in order to show "us" how to survive them. So, I guess sucking my thumb and crying under the driftwood lean-to is not an option? Durn.

So, we're at the Armstrong's for our last night tonight and consequently, it's "Christmas". At least for Andrew and me and for the gifts we have for the family. In a way it's almost like Hanukkah--we've had two nights of presents thus far, tonight will be the third! Hey, I'm a Christmas-lover so I have no problem spreading things out! I'm just tired of holiday jingles re-writing the words of traditional Christmas songs to advertise their spiral ham or how much money you can save at TJ Maxx. Get a new angle, puh-leaaaase.

Yesterday we visited Andrew's great Aunt Sarah and his great-grandparents, Millard and Mama Green. I gotta tell ya, I just love old people. And I don't mean that disrespectfully--I really love hearing stories about "the good ol' days" as Sarah called them and how snow cream was a "scandalous treat". I love hearing about how Millard was in "the war"--WWII, that is--as an airplane mechanic, stationed in Italy. I loved knowing that my own uncles were in those same historic wars--it makes me feel proud of my family history. I'm aware that it wasn't all that glamorous--someone once said "war is hell"--not sure if that was my dad or someone famous (or if I made it up) but anyway--my generation is a generation whose ardor lasts only as long as its battery. But if Millard, at 88 and a half (that's a quote), can still talk about "the war", then it must have been really something.

Anyway, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. I can just imagine the tinny din that is growing around my parents' house as we speak--er, read. I'm sad to leave the Winter Wonderland of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but excited for the reunion that awaits in Charleston. We've got a four-ish hour long drive ahead of us tomorrow after Christmas Eve brunch with Sherri and the gang ;). Too bad I can't just lay my finger aside of my nose and bee-bop down South.

And if you were wondering, which I'm sure you were, my hiney is A-okay.

Merry Christmas to all/and to all a good night!

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  1. My husband loves Bear Grylls. I am sure I would just perish, rather than squeeze the liquid out of elephant dung to sustain me.
    Merry Christmas!