Ramble on! And now's the time, the time is now, to sing my song!

I went Christmas shopping {again} at the mall this afternoon. And I will tell you what I saw. I was just bustling along with the other shoppers when my eyes spotted a long, gathered, ruched, sequined, corseted pearly white dress. On a person. On a bride. Outside of Maggiano's Italian Family Style restaurant. She was there with her tiara and her bridesmaids and groomsmen, and of course her handsome groom. This was no photo shoot or gimmick. This was the real deal. I stood and watched the groom fumble with the garter and fling it into the air in the direction of his groomsmen. I watched them load gifts and accouterments into the back of their Chevy Blazer in the crowded parking lot. Now. I don't know the circumstances of said wedding, but I do know this. A mall? There were no venues open besides the mall? The MALL??? Your backyard was booked?? Ok...ok. To each bride her own.

Thing number two that I saw. Ah, crud. I can't remember it. It must not have been that shocking if I've plumb forgot. OH! I remember. {Thanks, brain! Youuu smartypants.} I've been seeing a lot of armored cars lately--you know the kind that pick up the cash, {or gold bars... just kidding. But that would be cool}, from restaurants or stores? Firstly, it always, always makes me think of FBI or CIA or Scotland Yard movies where there's some sort of nail-biter chase scene with an armored vehicle, usually involving some crashing and pyrotechnics. And Keanu Reeves. For some reason, I think that kind of movie is his specialty. For some strange reason. Anyway, all of this armored car business makes me think. During Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/anyotherholidaythatyoubuygiftsfor pretty much everyone in America goes shopping. Everyone gets at least one thing. (Not eeeevvvverrryyyyoneeee, I knooow.) But even the less fortunate most times get people that can afford presents buying things for them. So, basically we're pumping money into the economy during this time of year, right?? Shouldn't that help?? Right?? I know. My understanding of Economics is quite elementary. I just thought...that...maybe...I mean....well...shucks.

While I was running errands the other day, I also saw some people selling bonsai trees on the side of the road and a lady with a bottle of Ranch dressing in her coat pocket at the Post Office. Some of you already knew that ;) but for those of you that didn't, I saw it. With m'own eyes. Plain as the nose on my face. Interesting business venture, I must say, but I didn't see anyone else selling those crazy trees, so maybe he's found his niche. As for the ranch...maybe it was a key chain. Like a lucky rabbit's foot. A lucky bottle of Ranch.

So, hopscotch, here's the timeline for the next days:

Saturday the 19th: MG&A Christmas (yeah, we're going to have ourselves a Merry little newlywed Christmas and start some traditions of our own!) in the morning, Bragg Street Love Feast Block Party 12-2p, drive to Hendersonville directly following

Thursday the 24th {Christmas Eve!}: head to Charleston after festivities with the Armstrongs/McIntyres

Saturday the 26th: drive up to Sumter, SC for Kinder/Chestnut rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

Sunday the 27th: celebrate with Mr. & Mrs. Michael Chestnut! Drive back to Charleston after sending off the bride and groom

And, basically, that's as far as we've gotten. I'll keep you posted for any changes. Or any other odd sightings. Or anything I feel like talking about.

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  1. A mall is the strangest place to have a wedding! Especially at Christmas time, when it is so packed!! Weirdness!